Welcome to the team, Rodrigo!

Rodrigo is a software developer based in Madrid who specializes in PHP applications, servers, Drupal and generally anything related to back-end development. He’s stays involved in the Drupal community and many other open source communities as well. He enjoys learning while working with these communities and sharing that knowledge by giving talks at conferences and local events.

Rodrigo started his career programming web interfaces for stock trading applications that were used by a federation of small banks. After those banks were absorbed by a bigger bank, he worked as a PHP developer for various marketing agencies. He then decided to go back to college for a computer science degree. It was around this time that he discovered Drupal. Excited by this thoughtful web development tool, Rodrigo got in contact with its great community, maintaining his relationship with them ever since. After his last year abroad in Barcelona, he was offered a position in a Drupal agency called Ymbra. Some years later, he realized he wanted to develop his career further by expanding into the European market and took some time to find the place that, he felt, would fit his expertise and abilities best.

Rodrigo is proud of his ability to take a step back and reflect on how and why we follow the development processes that are in place. He believes this is the core idea behind achieving excellence.

When it comes to problem-solving, Rodrigo likes the feeling he gets when his intuitions are confirmed. He likes to finish a workday by gathering all the small pieces he’s been building and then (usually by hitting some kind of “run” button) watching those pieces fall in place – like dominos.

He’s excited to be able to work alongside people he can learn so much from and the possibility of working with real-world projects that use the latest technologies that he is curious about, such as ReactJS and Gatsby.

When he’s logged off from work, he enjoys tiring his cats out so they don’t wake him in the middle of the night and when he’s the one who needs to get exhausted, he goes for a long bike ride around the city or by taking part in cycling advocacy groups. He also enjoys a good live concert or music festival. He enjoys learning about languages too – currently Romanian – and though he’s not especially good at it, he finds the Duolingo owl very cute.

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