Welcome to the Team, Beat!

After his studies, he started as a Software Engineer building fancy websites, like the very first e-commerce shop for Compaq (today HP). After a couple of happy years coding ASP and JAVA, he found out that he has the passion and the patience to build the “bridge” between technology and business, or agency and client. Over the last decade, Beat has been working in agile environments as Scrum Master and Project Manager. For the last two years he worked as Product Manager for Frontify, a SaaS company focussing on Brand Management. Beat was responsible for the growth of the Product Team from only a handful to more than 25 individuals.

He’s a positive thinker and (almost :) every day he’s in a good mood. He excels at motivating people, has strong team-building capabilities and likes to solve problems. He strives to always be true to himself and to try as many different things in life as possible, as he sees this as the best (though not always the easiest) way to gain experience.

Beat considers it a great workday when a pesky problem gets solved when chaos gets turned into order, and when we understand a client’s problem and find them an outstanding solution! He loves it when his team is highly motivated to go the extra mile and when the project has been delivered on time and on budget. Most of all, when his team is able to create long-lasting relationships with customers. Even a bad workday can turn into a good day as long as you learn something.

There’s a pretty cool bunch of motivated and diverse human beings at Amazee and Beat is looking forward to working with all of us, sharing a part of our lives together, celebrating team successes, and empowering each other to make our clients the happiest clients on the planet. 

When Beat logs off, to unwind he’s definitely not relaxing on a couch. He spends most of his quality time either in the water while kitesurfing or as a paraglider in the air. He definitely has an addiction for mushroom-hunting, as well, and, from time to time, he’ll make some noise with his pocket operators/samplers from Teenage Engineering. During winter months, Beat enjoys working on Raspberry Pi projects...like his Tetris table. Currently, he’s trying to learn more about wild edible plants and Ethnobotany.

Now, he can proudly say that he’s worked for more than 20 years in IT, and across many roles: Software Engineer, Consultant, Project Manager, Business Unit Manager, Scrum Master and Product Manager. Beat has always preferred to work for smaller companies and to grow along with them. It’s demanding, never boring and so much more rewarding.

As an Amazee Project Manager, he’s looking forward to an awesome journey. He is hoping to work from Cape Town from time to time. Since his first visit back in 2003 he fell deeply in love with the Mother City (and as a passionate Kitesurfer with the powerful waves and strong winds along the South African coastline).

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