Welcome Marco Tisi — our new Lead Frontend Developer!

Marco’s been involved in web development since studying Information Technology in high school when he was hired by a company to create a network for used cars in PHP. After a few years working as a software programmer and developing a lot of small to medium sites with Joomla, WordPress and every other CMSs available, he took a Bachelor Degree in Sound Engineering and was hired by a digital printing company to lead the development of their eCommerce, which had great results.

A couple of years later, Marco landed a job as a Senior Web Developer for a well-known digital agency in the northeast of Italy. He spent the first two years building a lot of websites with their in-house CMS — always proposing new features, improving code, and fixing bugs. This went so well that the CEO asked him to lead their new R&D department with the goal of planning and building a new hybrid CMS/eCommerce solution, using Laravel and Vue. During this period of his life, he grew as a leader, and as a software engineer enabling him to travel to international conferences like Laracon Europe. The development of this new product took two years; a few months after the release, he felt like his mission was complete and that it was time to change. So he packed everything and took one year off to travel with his girlfriend. Together they flew to Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands to meet some good friends but, after a few weeks, they decided to stay. After that, Marco became a Full-Stack Developer for a London based start-up, where he cultivated his React, TypeScript, and Functional Programming knowledge. When he discovered Amazee was hiring, he seized his chance and we’re glad he did. 

Marco’s most proud of his attention to the details, his high adaptability to multiple languages and paradigms, his desire for continuous learning and trying out new things. He’s super happy when he’s writing code (transforming something one piece at a time) or when he finally solves some complex problem. That makes him feel like he had a great workday!

Marco’s looking forward to collaborating with a larger team, talking about future improvements, planning our next steps, and building the next great thing.

When he’s not working, you can find him trying to ride a wave, taking some pictures, travelling or hiking volcanoes with his girlfriend. He’s very passionate about photography (especially since his girlfriend gave him a photography course for his birthday).

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