Welcome, Blaize!


Blaize has been coding in PHP for more than a decade. He’s also skilled in JavaScript, a perfect match given the ongoing move within Amazee and Drupal, towards a JS-centric web. He’s used Drupal on and off since Drupal 5 - particularly looking at it under-the-hood.

But there is more to the man than his coding chops.

Blaize holds degrees in classics, philosophy, and a master’s in cognitive science. He’s also a published sci-fi author, was shortlisted for the Short Story Day Africa Prize and the Inaugural Nommo prize for African Science Fiction.

Speaking of Sci-Fi, in July 2017 Blaize, his wife, and his young daughter took a giant leap into the future, crossing several time-zones and landing in New Zealand where they now live!

Distance between CPT and NZ

Of all the remote team members Blaize is the furthest away from any of our major hubs, but with tools like Slack, Zoom, Github, and amazee.io, it is working really well!

Welcome to Amazee Labs Blaize

We’re really happy to welcome Blaize to his new role in our team!

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