Welcome to ALZRH, Maria!


We are delighted for Maria to join our Zurich hub, as she is quite the adventurer. But you already know all of that. So, instead of recapitulating her persona, Victor and I asked Maria a couple of questions on her first day at our office. 

Question: Tell us a little bit about yourself...

Maria: People who know me say I’m pretty laid-back. On my day-to-day, I enjoy walking or biking around, reading, and hanging out with friends and family. When I have the time, I love traveling and observing the world through my camera lenses

Question: How was your time at the Austin office?

Maria: Full of wonderful adventures, shared with the incredibly talented and generous Austin team. From Drupal 8 to React, from eating proper étouffée on our way to New Orleans to kayaking Austin’s Colorado river, I’ve learned so many things while having a great time.

Question: What are you going to miss most? / What was your favorite activity there?  

Maria: There’s something special about Austin. Maybe it’s the sun, or the friendly faces, or the live music. Probably the sum of it. I loved walking by the river all year round, it’s very easy to forget the city is just one street away.

Question: What’s the first thing that came to your mind when you walked into the Zurich office?

Maria: Physically spending time in the Zurich Hub office, after having only seen pictures before is a weird feeling. The first thing I saw was your mountain mural on the wall. Then I turned and spotted real mountains in the distance. The view is breathtaking. 

Question: Why did you choose to come to Zurich?

Maria: I heard they make good chocolate here, plus I get to be the first Amazee transplant!

Question: What are you looking forward to doing here in Zurich?

Maria: During the few days I’ve been here I’ve had the chance to wander about downtown and go to a couple “badis” (river pools), which is a lot of fun. Also, admiring the views, I can’t wait to hop on a train and go hiking these amazing mountains. On the other hand, I am very excited to be joining the Zürich team and very much looking forward getting to know and learn from everybody.

Thank you, Maria, for the chat. It's great to have you here! We hope that Zurich is everything you hoped for and that you will love the long and cold Swiss winter as much as we do!

Welcome Maria


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