Welcome aboard, Greg!

Greg Kotula

Greg was born in Lublin, Poland, but after finishing high school he moved to Gdansk, where he and his family still live. His initial contact with web development was around the year 2000. His first experiences were just a simple HTML with frames, tables and animated gifs, but then one day he discovered Macromedia Flash 5, and started creating simple animations and web pages. After finishing high school he knew he wanted to dive into web development and started his first full-time job as a flash animator/developer, creating e-learning courses. And now, 15 years later, after working at many companies in different countries, he’s joined us at Amazee Labs!

Having developed many web sites, games, e-learning projects, and desktop applications, all with a high degree of detail, performance and optimization, Greg is always trying to push the project to its boundaries. He looks forward to increasing his developer and UX skillset and working with great people at Amazee Labs.

When he’s logged off, Greg likes to unwind by playing the occasional computer game, learning about speed drones and, most of all, spending some quality time with his wife and three daughters.


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