Meet our newest frontend developer, Vijay!


Last Friday Vijay joined us for the first time at the Zurich office. On his first day, he was greeted the Amazee way. Flowers, a desk full of stickers, lollipops, a photo shoot, tea and lots of people excited to meet him.

By the end of the day, we all already got to know him a little. 

Vijay is originally from Birmingham in England’s West Midlands, but he’s pleased to now call Zurich home. We found out that he is very creative and has a passion for all forms of artistic expression, from drawing and painting to model making.

On a more technical note, as an agnostic front-end developer with experience in building complex web applications, across a myriad of industries, he is adept at a wide range of technologies. A huge tech fan and gadget geek, he loves anything he can tinker with and is thrilled to be contributing more to the open source community.

Welcome Vijay

We are excited that you have joined us Vijay and are looking forward towards fun times with you.