Meet our new Senior Operations Lead — Sara Vitorino!

After studying Design at university, she decided to try something new —  being a tour guide in Lisbon. From then, the company promoted her to city manager and that’s how her operations career started. During this time, she gained great experience with thinking on her feet and problem solving,  and she fell in love with figuring out better ways of doing things. Her work with Amazee Labs will be a culmination of her experience in the world of design and her passion for operations.

She’s most proud of her problem solving skills along with her ability to work under pressure and her ability to connect with others.

She loves a good challenge and she enjoys solving problems that require stepping out of her comfort zone. What does Sara consider a good workday? Working with a positive, motivated team on an innovative, challenging project, when things are moving forward or when she manages to tick off all the items on her to-do list for that day.

Sara is excited about starting at Amazee Labs and tackling this new industry and meeting the people and the company culture that make Amazee Labs so special. 
When she is not working, Sara enjoys dancing and swimming, and she’s always a fan trying something new or learning a new skill! 

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