Launching ProFemina and 1000plus


1000plus is an organization, based in Germany, which campaigns to promote choosing life over an abortion and provides options to pregnant women to make the best choice for themselves and their babies. They do this through a newsletter, informative evening events, and various campaigns, as well as through their sister platform, ProFemina.

ProFemina provides information, helpful advice and a forum through which pregnant women can discuss their options. Their primary target market is German, Austrian, Swiss audiences.

Pro Femina Screen


The project we worked on with ProFemina involved a whole new design. Originally the website was built on Drupal 6, however, because Drupal 6 was reaching end-of-life, it was decided to migrate the site to Drupal 8. After the migration and rebuilding the site, a redesign was the next step. 

By using various Drupal modules, we succeeded in giving ProFemina an exciting new look that is both comforting and inviting to new and existing users. Some of the modules used included:

  • Paragraphs to add more flexibility to the various content types;
  • Webform to create advanced and complicated questionnaires;
  • On the client’s request, we enabled Real-time SEO for Drupal, so that we could integrate the YOAST SEO plugin.

1000plus Screen


As ProFemina was such a successful project with our client, who appreciated the Drupal platform, we were asked to redo their 1000plus site as well.

1000plus was originally on another CMS (TYPO3 4.5). We migrated it to Drupal, so, that it works on the same CMS which ProFemina uses.

We gave them a redesign and we built a platform so that we can create new features for a phased approach. Many of the same modules were used as in ProFemina, with Paragraphs being used to a maximum degree, that it provides a highly flexible and dynamic set of options to build pages.

The first phase offers a whole design with a new lease on life; improve the navigation and information pages, a jobs and resources sections, a simple news and press pages; registration forms for activities, job applications, their congress and most importantly integrating the RaiseNow donation platform.

Looking to the future

In following phases for 1000plus we are starting to look at building a more advanced news platform and a shop interface and for ProFemina we are exploring options to upgrade the forum platform.

Cute 1000plus baby

We have really enjoyed working with the teams at 1000plus and ProFemina and have appreciated their input and guidance on how to convey a potentially sensitive topic.