Introducing Carly Schmitting – our new Project Manager!

Long ago, before reading news online was the norm, Carly’s very first job was riding her bike around neighbourhoods to deliver newspapers. After that, she earned money throughout high school by making sandwiches at a gourmet peanut butter restaurant. In college, she worked in the HR department for the university.

After her undergraduate studies, she wanted to put her education to use, experience a new place and improve her German language skills. This led to a one-year internship in Germany, which turned into a job where she worked for over 7 years. While there, she was introduced to the exciting world of digital project management, scrum, and software development while also completing her MBA. During that time, she fell in love with creating new solutions and solving problems with software. Now, she’s looking forward to pursuing these passions with Amazee Labs! 

Professionally, she feels proudest when she’s working with a team to overcome a difficult challenge. The skills she thinks contribute the most to this are her problem-solving abilities, her creativity, her organization skills, and her grit!
Carly’s driven by the thrill of finding creative solutions to complex challenges, the pursuit of continuous improvement, and by seeing the impact her work has on her users and organization. She’s happiest at work when she’s collaborated with a team and they’ve made something awesome. 

She’s excited to join the Amazee team, to work with cutting-edge technology, being at the forefront of Drupal, open-source development, and collaborating in a team of motivated, highly intellectual experts. She’s also looking forward to Amazee’s company culture and contributing to an open, supportive, transparent, and diverse culture. She can’t wait to work and grow in this environment and support the creation of some amazee-ing web applications. 

In her spare time, Carly pursues three goals: travelling the world, ceaseless learning, and hugging all the dogs. Carly likes to create things. Whether it be a short story, a song on the piano or a new, little web application with whatever language she’s currently learning. She likes making new things and she’s found the best inspiration comes from reading and hiking or clearing her head by working out or just watching Netflix. She also tends to get really obsessed with book series or TV series and fall down the occasional rabbit hole of fan theories. 

As a naturally curious person (who’s been told on more than one occasion that she asks too many questions) Carly likes learning about a wide variety of topics. Whether it be psychology, history, politics, or technology; she’s interested in the things that shape our world and human behaviour within it. 

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