Drupal Europe 2018

Drupal Europe 2018
Darmstadt, Germany

DrupalCon Europe or Drupal Europe?

The first thing you might have noticed is that the event is called Drupal Europe and not DrupalCon Europe as in previous events. In order to find a sustainable approach to the conference in Europe, DrupalCon decided to take a year off in 2018 in order to come back stronger than ever, so the community decided to weigh in and organize this year’s event - Drupal Europe. This is the best possible example of one of the Drupal community mottos, “Come for the code, stay for the community”.

 It’ll be a fun week, so clear your calendar! There will be plenty of opportunities to attend talks, mentoring sessions, sprints, etc.

The week’s schedule is as follows:

  • Monday - Contribution with some mentors.
  • Tuesday to Thursday - Sessions, panels, workshops, BoFs and contribution lounge.
  • Friday - Traditional mentored contribution and self-organized contribution spaces.


So here is your to-do list:

  • Sign-up for Drupal Europe (if you haven’t already).
  • Submit your session/s, you have until the end of this month to do so.
  • Enjoy!
Contact for more information.
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