Mustapha Ben Ellafi

Mustapha Ben Ellafi


Mustapha was born in the beautiful city of Hammam-lif, in Tunisia. He first fell in love with Drupal, as a student at the Graduate School of Technology and Computer Science, at the University of Carthage in Tunisia, where he studied Computer Systems and Software.

After graduating with a Bachelor's Degree, Mustapha kick-started his career by working for various French Drupal companies, as a Drupal Developer. This is where he really got to know and love Drupal.

Mustapha has made some valuable contributions to Drupal, during his career. These include: Drupal 8 Custom permissions module and Drupal 8 Unique field ajax.

When he’s not at work, Mustapha enjoys swimming, playing football, boxing, watching TEDx videos, as well as reading about psychology, philosophy and history.

Fun fact:

When he was a child, he broke his nose in a football match, but continued playing and won the game.