A meeting of the minds

On Monday, 10 April, a handful of Amazee's distributed project and team leads met for an all-day workshop. Our Amazee Group Chairman, Greg Gerhardt, led the discussion as the team talked through challenges of Agency life.

A10 Leads & PO Workshop

Though the individuals are separated by team, role, location, time zone, and distance, we found a lot of common ground and similarities in our struggles. Already a group of high-achievers, together, the team shared tips and brainstormed solutions to ease stresses and streamline processes.

After a much-needed lunch break in a beautiful hilltop restaurant, the team gathered again, but this time with its focus on the future. The team split into breakout groups to discuss how to grow the company by 2020, after which we could share our results and discuss next steps as a group.

There was a lot of alignment on next location and possible new venues of revenue, along with a very long discussion on the importance of placing any new Amazee hubs with the right individuals, who most embody the Amazee spirit. Watch our news feed in the coming weeks and months to learn more about these initiatives!

A10 Leads & PO Workshop  A10 Leads & PO Workshop

Prior to kicking off the morning and afternoon sessions, Head of Client Service in Zürich, Steffi, led the team through some energising activities to break the ice and to relax the group. These activities were quite helpful in shaking off the blah and apathy of an all-day meeting and really worked to perk up the team.

It was a very productive day, with lively discussion, and input from many different perspectives. I'm looking forward to seeing the recap of the Post-Camp Leads & PO Workshop that took place a bit later when a different group of Amazee leads also gather for the same discussion.

May 3, 2017

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