Mayce El Kharouf

Mayce El Kharouf

UX Designer

There’s beauty in the collaboration of minds to create something new and exciting. This is something our new UX Designer in Zurich, Mayce El Kharouf, first realised when she had her AHA-moment about 10 years ago when she was first introduced to design. Since then she’s never looked back. 

Mayce is always on the lookout for ways to further her skillset and to excel her design work. She has done a lot of work with branding and bringing meaning and consistency to a company's identity, no matter the platform, and she will help bring your brand to life online.

Away from her desk Mayce loves spending quality time with family and friends and to hunt for the best Mexican restaurants across Switzerland.

Fun Fact:

Mayce believes that she was based on, or she at least strongly identifies with, the character Peregrin Took (Pippin) from Lord of the Rings.