Lock&Roll Baltimore

For several years now Amazee Labs has sponsored a lounge at DrupalCon, both in Europe and here in the States. We take pride in a space that stands out in the crowd and so we carefully consider each square foot. This year's Baltimore lounge is no exception.

Amazee Labs DrupalCon Baltimore lounge

But one thing we have consistently overlooked in the past is storage. Best laid plans almost never account for the backpacks, bags, computers, and other gear that inevitably pile up in the corner. 

Picture of lockers for lounge

This year we’ve turned this problem on its head by making storage our main attraction. We brought in 24 lockers to define our space, available to the Drupal community to store their personal effects for two hours, or two days. Combination locks are available for secure storage, which can then be taken home as a souvenir.

Image of lockers and locks at Amazee lounge

Need a locker? Grab a lock! Just don’t forget the combination :)

Image of periodic table of Drupal modules

In addition, we’ve brought back our Periodic Table of Drupal Modules, a print originally crafted in 2012 for DrupalCon Munich. This fan favorite has been updated to showcase the 106 most commonly installed Drupal 8 modules, according to Drupal.org. In just a few hours, the print has made quite a splash. 

Stop by our lounge to find out how to take one home, while supplies last.

We're looking forward to the week, see you all around Baltimore!

April 25, 2017

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