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Launching Kinderregion

Kinderregion advocates «Magical trips for the whole family» and came to life through the collaboration between the regional tourism organisations from Baden, Zurich, Winterthur, and Zug.


The goal for Kinderregion was to receive a redesign of the frontend, following the concept of the original website. It had to be done within a snug time limit and the required adjustments included re-styling the frontend, colour, adding a blog function. In short, the challenge was to create something complex with a lean budget, by re-applying elements throughout the whole site. The re-design now matches the needs of Kinderregion's main audience: Families.


By building Kinderregion on the same framework as Zurich Tourismus, the new site would be able to offer highly valuable content in a structured and appealing manner.

The events section should benefit from the main site’s features such as instant filters & an interactive map based on React.

As Kinderregion was going to be a content heavy website, we would need to allow content editors to effortlessly change the front page and the menu. Similarly, we would need the ability to deploy code and configuration changes without losing the customisations done by our client. Just as with, our way of solving this would be using the Panels ecosystem.


The same layout from is also applied to Kinderregion, and thus, based on the «Panels suite». It is built using «Panels everywhere» which enables us to export the site layout, and it’s domain-specific variants to features.

Following the same logic, the home page is based on a panel page with different variants for each domain. The mega menu is composed of mini panels, loading into specific menu items through the use of the menu mini panel module. The consistent use of panels for all of these different areas allows the content-rich website to be displayed in a coherent and captivating manner.

Kinderregion is a site that has all of the foundations to be able to add qualitative content to blossom entirely within the next months.
Kinderregion was realized in a short timeframe by Amazee Labs. The cooperation with the lead agency Rosarot and Amazee Labs, which was responsible for the technical implementation, worked very well.
Matthias Drabe, Projektverantwortlicher, Zürich Tourismus