What to look for when selecting a digital agency

For reasons we’ll come back to several times in this blog, finding an agency that you can build a lasting partnership with is always advantageous. Even if the project is a one-time event (and let’s face it, few projects in the wide world of the web usually are) finding an agency with a big-picture, long-term mindset is the best way to ensure that those relationships are harmonious and cooperative. And because these relationships should be enduring, finding a company that shares your values and spirit is as important as finding the right skills and price for your project. 

Communication is Key 

Transparent communication based on shared values and goals is, of course, a powerful key to unlocking a successful web development project. But wrangling multiple opinions and points of view often stymies progress. Creative minds require up-to-date information on projects in order to make sound decisions. Dealing with multiple point people means spending more time catching people up. And time is expensive. That’s why we recommend prioritizing a single point of contact on both sides when working with an agency. It minimizes the possibility of confusion, promotes a more robust collaboration between agency and client point people, and ensures the focus and trajectory of the project. 

Costs and Estimates 

A fundamental part of transparent communication has to do with costs and estimations. Good estimations are always based on a ton of information – not out-of-the-box contracts. During your agency search, find a team that helps you define and clarify the goals of the project to give you the most accurate cost projection possible. It’s a great sign when both the client and the agency are asking lots of questions.

At Amazee Labs, we offer a chance to gather information through estimation workshops. We can and will give estimates before doing workshops, but workshopping renders a better and more accurate big picture of the project. Workshops are already baked into our process precisely because they increase transparency, but they also give the client the opportunity to see how we work and how we put our values into practice. 

Even if you take our estimates and evaluations to another agency for comparison, we’re confident our commitment to transparency benefits everyone in the long run. No matter who you work with, make sure that the estimations you receive include information on what happens if projects or time requirements change during the process. 

Shared Agility

Firm but flexible estimations are so important because projects can and do change over time. Finding an agency that works with you to prioritize features and walk through cost-benefit considerations is crucial. Working Agile methodologies means a team can elegantly handle what could otherwise be an unwieldy undertaking. An agency that defines and executes MVPs early in the process as possible will make sure that foundational operations can be addressed so additional features can be accurately prioritized.  

Thinking Long-Term

Long-term partnerships between agencies and clients are symbiotic because they increase the efficiency of future collaboration, both creatively and financially for both parties. While it might be tempting to shop around and divide work between agencies and providers for different parts of the project (such as development and design) it can lead to higher costs and sunken time when projects need to be handed off or bounced around. Using a single agency — an all-in-one solution — helps speed up projects and keeps costs lower overall. 

At Amazee Labs, we extend the life of projects by having a dedicated team for web maintenance and continuous improvements. Whether a project just needs regular updates or it’s time to upcycle or add features, it’s easy for us to practice continual improvements or start fresh because our teams work in tandem.

When you add up the benefits of choosing an agency that shares your values and practices – cost sensitivity, more productive collaborations and planning precision – in the end, you get the best possible product the first time around.  

Do you think an exploratory workshop could help you define your goals and know what to do with your budget? Get in touch with us today! 



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