What it takes to be an Amazee

As a globally distributed full service web agency with hubs in Zürich and Cape Town, these experts dial in from all over the world, from different cultures and backgrounds, often speaking multiple languages throughout their day. 

Even with all this diversity of knowledge and experience, we maintain a culture that’s welcoming and inclusive, that enables everyone to work hard and enjoy their time on the clock. While the company sets up all the mechanisms and support to enable this culture, Amazees have a common set of shared values that we bring to work. 


We define excellence as having a passion for what you do, and always seeking to learn and improve. Far from an expectation of perfection, we know that having a culture where you are free to experiment and even make mistakes leads to innovation and investment in your work.

What this looks like day-to-day is seeing Amazees not only focus on the particular tasks that need to get done but also identifying gaps or opportunities while they work and trying to fix them. This could be something like taking on a personal challenge to contribute patches to the Drupal at least once a month while doing client work. 

Another instance was our webinar series, born from a realization that our internal trainings can be useful for a wider audience. The Amazee that kickstarted that project is so known for contributing ideas and helping out across teams that we have a dedicated Slack channel following, and celebrating, the hashtag #thanksdan. 

Both internally and externally Amazees continually keep an eye out for opportunities to learn, share, and help out both internally and in the community at large. 

We recently received the Daimler key Supplier Inspiration Award for our work not only in innovative development but our contribution and client partnerships. 


While the word integrity can sometimes mean holding fast to a set of principles, we prefer the meaning that all your actions and choices are in line with your beliefs and values. Whether you are working on improving a module, sending a meeting request, or writing a blog, all communication and collaboration in Amazee Labs is in line with the other values on this list. 

Everyone brings their best work, points out opportunities to elevate projects, and communicates in a way that’s both respectful and friendly. At every level and on every team you can trust that your colleagues have your back and will always jump in to help and offer suggestions. 

One way I often see this reflected is that Amazee Labs truly walks the walk when it comes to work-life balance. Not only are we encouraged to take time to be with our families and pursue goals related to fitness or creativity, but these things are also actively celebrated by our colleagues (and often financially supported by the company). When I need to attend a school concert or I start a new class at the gym, I have the time to do so, but can also share pictures of the performance or my fitness achievements and receive support from my friends all around the world. 


Our company has a flat hierarchy that gives us the opportunity to talk with each other across teams and countries whenever needed. Whether needing to tackle a complex task, asking for advice or mentorship, or wanting to connect with someone over a shared interest, employees have access to the entire company and all the knowledge it contains. 

I’ve scheduled meetings with everyone from developers I need technical input from to the CEO to talk about future goals and ideas. I also have time to grab a remote coffee and chat with colleagues I’ve met at conferences just to catch up and hear what they are working on. Every time I’ve reached out I’m always greeted with enthusiasm and warm connection, even though we all have busy schedules. Just getting time to chat and connect often leads to ideas for content or shared projects. I’m famously the person in the company saying “Ooh let’s write a blog about that.”

Team Zoom Meets

Face-to-face communication through video chat is highly valued at Amazee Labs. We’re a “camera on” culture and this makes it easy to feel connected across oceans and time zones. There’s a huge amount of transparency at every level. Every month we hold a group meeting where we go over goals, financial information, new additions to the team, and what’s happening in our home countries. These meetings, shared with our sister companies, can gather upwards of forty people at once, creating a Brady-bunch-esque grid of Amazees working all over the world. 

These principles extend to our external communication as well. We bring our clients into our Slack channels and sprint boards so transparent communication can always flow easily.

Positivity and Drive 

Beyond just being cheerful, which I find most Amazees usually are, positivity as a value at Amazee Labs means embracing a spirit of always trying to be additive in any situation. When there are bumps in the road or problems to be solved, it’s important to us that everyone feels comfortable pointing out an area that needs improvement, but also that they bring suggestions to the table for how it can be addressed. When we see a problem, we dive right into brainstorming possible solutions. Pairing that with open communication and our belief that excellence is a combination of passion and continual learning and improvement, we find that barriers are eliminated so we can quickly collaborate, offer ideas, and work together to fix something. 

For example, my team has been refining our processes for content distribution. Overcoming some issues with how our links were shared on social media lead to suggestions for how we could improve our website, and use our great visual designs more prominently. You’ll often hear Amazees saying things like “We have a problem with x which we could fix in this way or even this way” and the response is always “Let’s dive in and see what will work best”. 

You might be an Amazee if… 

If you’re highly self-motivated and love to be part of an enthusiastic team if you’re an expert that always finds something new to learn about if you look at problems and your wheels start turning with solutions, and if you want an environment where you can give and receive open communication and transparency – check out our open positions now! 


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