Webinar Recap: Test-Driven Development with Storybook

The webinar covered:

  • Test-driven development and its central role in any agile development process

  • How navigating to a browser manually for testing is time that can be spent on more important things 

  • And how mastering the testing tools that accompany different languages and frameworks, daunting as it seems, is still one of the most rewarding and efficient things a developer can learn

Watch the full recording now


In the first instalment of this webinar series, we talked about applying Test-Driven Development with Cypress.io to Drupal modules and Gatsby Websites. In the second instalment on our journey to total confidence with testing, we covered how to mix Storybook into your workflow in order to: 

  • Improve functional and visual test coverage for user interface components 

  • Speed up development 

  • Test without ever touching a browser

Missed it the first time around? We got you covered. Catch the full recording or check out these resources and full video recordings of all of our webinars

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