Webinar Recap: Intro to GraphQL plus Gatsby Schema Stitching

Webinar Recap

In our latest webinar, John Albin Wilkins discussed the benefits of a universal GraphQL graph over traditional web services like REST and JSON:API and demonstrated how to query data using GraphqQL. He also discussed how a GraphQL endpoint provides data, how GraphQL can “stitch” multiple sources of data into one graph using schema stitching, and demonstrated simple schema stitching using Gatsby’s gatsby-source-graphql plugin.

GraphQL is more than a “better REST”; for developers, it’s a bold and flexible approach to developing web APIs, providing a unified graph of data that includes multiple sources in an easy-to-use system.

If you missed the webinar or you’d like a refresher on GraphQL and an advanced guide to Gatsby Schema Stitching, check out the full webinar here