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Last night another Web Monday took place in Zurich. With about 150 attendants it was the biggest Web Monday event to date and shortly had the hosts of Tamedia asking themselves where to seat so many people. But everything ended well, with (almost) everyone sitting down in the souterrain conference room in one of Switzerland's largest media houses.

After Christoph Tonini had kicked the round of presentations off with a short history of Tamedia and an introduction to their various fields of business (online is growing like mad!), Peter Schüpbach of FashionFriends talked about his company and how private sales can turn into a wow experience. – He frankly admitted to stealing the wow strategy from Zappos, but of course, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And it seems to work for FashionFriends: They have loyal customers, a magnificent turnover rate, they sell out massive amounts of brand couture in minutes and they have employees who don't mind to engage in drinking once a week.

The last two presentations of the evening were held by Markus Schulte of Olmero, an enterprise in the contracting business. He introduced us to Renovero, a kind of online exchange for craftsmen services. Here you can check out prices for different services, with enhanced transparency (if I remember correctly. Correct me, if I'm wrong.). Last, but certainly not least was Hervé Flutto of cofundit.com, who presented his funding platform, on which founders and investors are brought together. For me, personally, this was the most convincing talk of the night, if you are in need of money for your young business, especially if you are looking for a gap funding, this might be a place to check out.

After the speakers and extensive question time we all were invited up to the Press Club on top of the Tamedia building, a rather exclusive treat, as we've been told. There, with drinks and some finger food, the networking continued for quite a while. For us Amazeeites, it was a great chance to finally meet Kathryn and Andrew who had just arrived in Switzerland this weekend. Our feelings that Kathryn will be a great addition to our team were confirmed, I think it's safe to say.

There are two blog entries on the Web Monday already, one by Kathryn herself in English and then another one by Nick Weisser of Openstream in German. Last night, Walter Schärer live-blogged the event in four blog posts. You can re-read what's been happening here. As usual, you can find pictures from the event in our flickr stream. If you have taken pictures yourself, please let us know in the comments. If you have uploaded them to flickr, why not tag them with "wmzh" and dump them into the Amazee pool? – Also, Roland Stahel of Echt Praktisch has visualized three of last night's talks, you can find his awesome superdoodles on flickr as well. – For all updates on future Web Mondays, check out the corresponding group on Amazee.


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