Web Maintenance - A cornerstone to faster development

Our Iterative Approach
While incrementalism lies at the heart of many agile approaches (for example, the SCRUM idea of incrementally adding to products in agreed sprints, or the agile principle of delivering value early and often) it is also often seen as a roadblock to innovation.

In my previous blog post, I said I'm a supporter of the idea that "iterations are the best way to make pieces of software more effective, elegant, or efficient."

Sure sounds like incrementalism, right?

That's because, to a large degree, incrementalism is baked into the idea and practice of web maintenance. To effectively maintain a website or web applications, you often don't want to make large changes to the user experience, the site, or the application. In the best case, you want an effective web analytics implementation that tracks the key metrics for your site or app. Quantitative data alongside qualitative analysis and planning informs the incremental changes you make to your site or application.

Incrementalism can be challenging, but it doesn't have to stop you from being bold or innovative. Depending on the culture, leadership style, and strategy of your organization, incrementalism could be seen as standing in the way of making the larger changes needed to keep your organization digitally competitive or relevant.

The idea that taking bold steps, or being innovative, conflicts with having a web maintenance mindset is misplaced.

Web Maintenance Engineering
By investing in a web maintenance plan, you aren't only gaining the obvious benefits of predictable uptime, short-lived downtime, security, and predictability; you are also taking steps towards having an application or site foundation where you can experiment with new features and test out new usability and design implementations.

Actively investing in maintenance is the first step to creating an environment where rapid experimentation and innovation can be undertaken in a safe and effective way.

When clients first have to invest in several weeks of development to update existing components before Amazee Labs can begin the exciting work outlined in a brief, the work can be tedious, the goals delayed, and the agency-customer relationship strained. For this reason, Amazee Labs works with all our clients who have sites and app in a maintenance phase to ensure that there is an active web maintenance plan and that their software is in a state where we can build and extend new features, roll out brand identity changes, and generally keep the site efficient, competitive, relevant, stable, and secure.

To get started

Try following our 3 Steps:

  • Find a partner
  • Take inventory
  • Take action

For some more detail on these steps and how to go about getting more out of what you have already built by adopting a web maintenance mindset, take a look at my blog post.

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