A warm welcome from my first DrupalCon


I joined Amazee Labs Austin and amazee.io as Marketing Coordinator in September of last year and immediately felt at home. When you start a new job, you meet lots of new people. Most of them are fine, but a few people seem really cool. People you want to be friends with even outside of the work. That’s everyone I’ve met at Amazee. 

Every single person I’ve met is passionate, knowledgeable and just awesome. Regardless of location and timezone, all of my teams are supportive, friendly, and fun. It’s the kind of culture every company says they have or strives to have. 

This is my first DrupalCon, and I’m learning that the warm work culture we have at Amazee is actually a reflection of the Drupal community. So far everyone I know that is awesome has introduced me to someone else awesome. 

I spent Monday hanging out with my wonderful coworkers. Some of them I see in the Austin office every day. My amazee.io colleagues work remotely, and seeing them again is such a wonderful reunion. I met Josef (from our Zurich office) for the first time in person, and already he feels like a friend.  

This welcoming feeling started at the opening reception and has followed me as watched the sun set over downtown Nashville. It was there as we enjoyed food and drinks and laughs at dinner with old and new friends.  

If Amazee is my family, Drupal is our community, and even though I’m new, even though I’m not technical, there’s room for me here. I can’t wait to see the rest of the week brings.

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