Video: DrupalCon Europe 2020 Speaker Replay

Catch Nick O'Sullivan's “Decoupled Translations with Drupal” and learn how to utilise Drupal’s exceptional multilingual features to produce a fully localised Gatsby site. 



Learn more about our philosophy and practices from the "Sustainable Practices for Building and Maintaining the Open Web Panel" with Amazee Labs Lead Engineer – Philipp Melab



Learn how to add end-to-end tests to your Drupal site in just one hour using CypressIO under the cool tutelage of Senior Developer – Fran Garcia-Linares.  


Dan Lemon tells the story of how came to be, in his talk “Building a platform to bring people together to Celebrate Drupal” and joins the conversation in the Workshop and Retrospective: How did the COVID-19 crisis affect client relationships and what can we take out of it? 



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