TEDx Zurich II: Roger de Weck and the flying robots

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Davide Scaramuzza: Flying robots
From swimming robots to flying robots! Davide was the man for us boys in the audience. Unlike our toystore helicopters, Davide's robots can fly without motion capture system or remote control. In order to navigate autonomously they need to know where they are, however, GPS is not used since it's not a reliable system. While it flies the helicopter constructs its own map of the environment. Several helicopters can fuse their maps. Besides all play, what's the real interest in autonomous flying robots? -They can be taken to environments where human beings cannot fly or flights would not be economic, e.g. search for survivors after an earth quake or do environmental monitoring using helicopter swarms. The great presentation was crowned by a live show (behind safety net).

Ellen't Hoen: Medicine Patent Pool
After Roger de Weck's address, Ellen't Hoen took the stake with a pledge to establish medicine patent pools to tackle epidemics in developing countries. Unprecedented in pharma it was applied while battling HIV/Aids. The model has proven to work for all sides - the innovators and the people in need. By establishing publicly funded patent pools, the patent holders can hand their patents over - against compensation. The patent pool hands the production rights to generic manufacturers. From conflict to collaboration.
Domi Chansorn: Music Act
Spheric flows and a smoky voice. Our Victor would have loved this one!
Hugo, the talented technical director gave us a brief overview of the waves the last TDXs have caused. TEDx inspires action.
Christoph von Toggenburg: Humanity in Action
Christoph's mantra is: Feel - Like - Act. Having grown up in a picture perfect Swiss village he was inspired by his parents to see the world with the eyes of the others (feel). In 1988 he launched his first project "Run for Help" (270 km across the alps) to fund a children's home in Romania (ending up with money that fed 300 children for one year). Then he launched "Bike for Help" and rode his bike "Chaschper" from India to Switzerland to fight leprosy. In 2010 he cycled across the Himalayas. At that time he was cycling for mentally destitute women. Leaving the comfort zone has no doubt inspired this man's life. And helped thousand of people all over the world. Be the change you wish to see in the world.

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