Responsive Preview in Drupal

Responsive Preview in Drupal

Difficulties during content creation can range from complex interfaces to performance problems. Each of these problems can be multiplied when you add in responsive design.  

Responsive Preview is a module that provides you with a quick way to preview how the website's pages will appear with various screen dimensions.


Response Preview helps editors when they need to try out new layouts or add new content to preview the page. This means they can make sure everything works on the most commonly used devices before publishing on the live site. The module provides a quick approximation of how the page and the layout will look on any device.

How it works

From the development perspective, the module creates an iFrame with provided configs. This means it doesn't have to go through the trouble of getting all the frontend code and all the styles compiled and rendered in the backend to show a preview. Instead, we just load the iFrame which displays the frontend view.

The module provides a config entity “Preset” with the fields that describe “device” including  “width”, “height”, “rotation”, and more. On a node view page, there is a select with our options. Selecting an option opens an overlay with a preview of the current page.

     width: width,
     height: height

This way we get a preview of everything we need. Simply create a controller and put a link to the source attribute of the iFrame.



When creating a site, developers should think not only about end users but about editors who will need to work on the site daily. Drupal is a great solution for content management, but sometimes it lacks ease of use.

It’s not enough to only have a mobile, tablet, and desktop design anymore, as many devices fall in between those dimensions. Phones can be the same size as small tablets and the new iPad Pros have a larger screen than some laptops. Responsive Preview provides the flexibility to configure the module as an admin. This makes it easy to add new presets when new devices are released.

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