Recap: WebMonday, January 2017


Under the Arch D of the Viadukt, we were warmly greeted by “Hubonauts”, and given a few drinks upon arrival. Josef “dasjo” Dabernig then introduced the format for the evening, which featured presentations from:

  • 4quant - “Turning images into information” by Joachim Hagger.
  • Archilogic - “A web-based 3D platform for architecture and interiors” by Pascal Babey.
  • denteo - “The solution for dentists” by Loïc Schüle.

Hubonaut drinks

Up first for the evening was Joachim Hagger of 4Quant, who deep-dived into the topic of how their software uses machine learning to analyze images and provide useful information for physicians to help diagnose early stages of lung-cancer in patients.

Most of the 4Quant team members come from medical backgrounds, which gives them a very high level of medical expertise in order to fine-tune their solution so that they can help provide a possible life-saving diagnosis aid.

“As a startup, you never know whether you’re on the right path. There are no safety nets, you have to just take the risk” - Joachim Hagger

With 4Quant, it becomes much quicker to analyse images by reducing the time by a factor of 10. Really impressive and interesting work; they hope to be ready and on the market within 3 years.

Joachim Hagger of 4Quant

Next up on the stage was Pascal Babey from Archilogic - the web-based 3D architectural and interior platform. Archilogic came about when a clients who were busy renovating their gallery had difficulties to put their ideas to paper and struggled to visualise the design feedback they received from the project architects.

Archilogic takes floor-plans and automatically generates interactive first-person view of an entire building, allowing the user to walk through and really feel the design. With an image of a floor-plan, they're able to analyse the layout of every room, including the amount of windows needed and the different surface areas to consider. By doing this, they can then develop further insights with their models to best advise their clients.

Although their solution is web-based, they're still able to render high-quality models with a lot of information by stripping out unnecessary pixels. WebVR and Virtual-Reality looks to be the future. Two of the founders have a very good tech background and they were able to create the first working prototype of their idea before involving more people into the project.

Pascal Babey of Archilogic

Last up on stage, Loïc Schüle presented the refreshing new solution for dentists, Loïc spoke about their learnings as a young startup, and how the current solution for dentists consists of paying upwards of 20,000 CHF whereas Denteo provides a web-based solution for 3,000 CHF.

Denteo started with one of the founder’s sister, who is a dental practitioner, asking for help in understanding the complex and somewhat dated design behind the current solution she had to deal with. Denteo is the first user-centered, web-based dental practice management software on the Swiss market.

Loic Schule of denteo

These three very inspiring talks were followed by some intriguing questions and discussions, which could have led the session to continue well into the following day. However, we had to call it a night, but we are all looking forward to seeing you again at the next WebMonday event in June. 

A big thanks to Panter for sponsoring the apero and helping to make it a more successful event. Visit our Amazee Labs flickr account for more pics of the event.