React Academy Zurich presented by Amazee Labs

The web is evolving rapidly, and keeping up with the key trends and implementing learning strategies into the day-to-day business all by oneself can be challenging. In 2015 and 2016 we’ve seen new technologies like React gain huge traction within the web development community. Simply speaking, React is an open-source JavaScript library for creating user interfaces.

Growing the local community

At Amazee Labs, we are successfully using React in a number of projects. We decided that it’s about time to organize a React training in Zurich to help grow the local React community. That’s why we invited Kristijan "Kitze" Ristovski to run a React training workshop.

Meet your coach

Kitze is a Frontend Web Developer who's into good UI & UX. Being a Frontend developer for over 7 years he had the chance to work and experiment with a variety of languages and frameworks. Right now he’s in love with writing single page and progressive web apps with ES6, React, Aphrodite, and MobX. He made, which got more than 0.5M users in the first month after its launch.

When and where

The training takes place between 23 - 27 January 2017, from 2PM to 6PM. It will be hosted at at Hardturmstrasse 185. We invite you (and/or your team) to attend the training.

React training workshop location



Monday is the introduction day. We’ll first prepare by learning everything about the latest version of Javascript (ES2015). Then we’ll get familiar with the setup and the tools that are required to run a React app. After that you will finally learn the basics of React & JSX. You'll write your first app with few custom components.


On Tuesday you’ll learn the ins and outs of React. We’ll talk about state management, interactions, events, stateful vs. stateless components, and component lifecycle events.


On Wednesday you’ll learn why do we need external state management libraries, and what are currently the best options. We’ll do an introduction and comparison between Redux and MobX and then you'll write an app with each one.


On Thursday you’ll write your first “real life” app. We’re gonna introduce the router and fetch some data from a server. After that we’ll do a comparison between popular ways of styling in React (CSS, inline styles, CSS-in-JS, css-modules, and styled-components). Then you can select and use any of the methods to add styles to your app.


On Friday we’ll dive into some more advanced topics. We’re gonna use Flow types, add linting with eslint, test the app with Jest and Enzyme, and learn why Immutable.js can be useful in combination with Redux.


We can host up to 12 participants; the cost is 1700,- CHF (plus VAT) per person. Feel free to book your seat(s) on Eventbrite; registration is first-come first-served; we expect the training to be sold out quickly!

We look forward to seeing you at the training!


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