Measuring Your Success with Amazee Metrics

Amazee Labs Current Affairs

Last week Greg introduced everyone to Amazee Metrics, our spin-off company for all things Web Analytics, SEO, and Conversion Optimization. This week I thought it would be fun to show how we brought to life the Amazee Metrics brand and website.

We started by establishing a brand identity, in our case a logo and color palette. We headed several directions with the logo, but ultimately settled on this compact, graphic representation of measurement. 

Next we set our sites on expanding the identity to business cards, a simple two-sided design.

With the basics in place, we designed and implemented a fully-responsive website, our bread and butter here at Amazee Labs. The design was inspired by retro, analog interfaces of the mid-to-late 20th century.

You can see here how the navigation "responds" to different device widths, in this case desktop (above) and mobile (below).

In order to create a truly unique look and feel, we designed several custom graphics for the site. 

And the site showcases some rather clever CSS solutions, including the spinning wheel on the start page. 

In the end we produced a brand and a website we're very proud of, and that we're confident will bring business to Amazee Metrics. We made their web work so that they can measure your success.