Meanwhile in the Drupal 8 Coder Lounge

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Drupal Camps and Cons are just awesome. There are so many things to do: attend sessions, listen to keynotes, meet new people while having fun. 

But there is also another thing happening which is not really seen by most of the attendees: Drupal Core Development.

The core contributors use these opportunities to meet in person and decide about things which are hard to discuss via IRC or the Issue Queues. These meetings not only happen before or after the actual conference, also during the conference. Usually there is a Coder Lounge where people are working on Drupal's Core and drive it forward.

Especially here at BADCamp, it is the last real possibility to define things before the Drupal 8 Feature Freeze. This means everybody gives more than 100% to make the next Drupal version the best it can be.

As an active contributor to the Drupal 8 Multilingual Initiative it is essential to attend these meetings in order to know at first hand what was decided. And of course to get a lot of coding done.

See all pictures from BADCamp 2012 here.


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