Journey to React and Snow

From Cape Town to Zurich

My 3-week journey kicked-off in Zurich, where I met the team of fellow trainees from Amazee and 2 other companies, for our trip to Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. 

The React-in-flip-flops training was incredible. I had started studying React for 4 weeks before the Bootcamp and we covered all of that in 2.5 hours! So it was a real deep dive into the latest React and Redux subjects. I particularly enjoyed how the presentations flowed into a practical lab and testing time which helped solidify the new concepts.

After 3 days of intensive learning, we were tasked to build a team React app. Working in 3s, our team came up with a rather quirky Star Wars application, which displayed a listing of planets from the movies, with various information.

We fetched this info from swapi, found images of the planets in real time with the Google custom search API and stored all the interactions in Firebase. I was really impressed with what the other teams were also able to produce for the final presentations during the remainder of our Bootcamp.

I'd have to mention some of the fun I had in our free time, such as: surfing with the surf school attendees, walking through the parades during "Carnival" and the 360degree view from Pico de las Nieves.

From Las Palmas to Zurich

Sad to part ways with the new friends we made at React-in-flip-flops, I was excited to get back to Zurich to be briefed in on a new Drupal project which I spent most of the week working on. 

To say that the Amazee team's hospitality was outstanding, would be an understatement. Almost every evening, I was treated out to a variety of local delicacies and the team's favourite restaurants. From homemade cheese fondue to Brisket and Die Rüsterei. I was spoilt rotten.

I was also fortunate to get a new picture taken on the Amazee couch, with the famous or 'infamousBoris which is always a fun experience. 

Stew on the Amazee Couch

Then came the final weekend. The weather decided to be amazing and we drove south-east to Davos. As we left the city I gazed at the rolling, bright green hills which turned to the soaring, snow-capped white peaks. The skiing experience was spectacular. I must admit, I was rather nervous, having not skied for 12 years. I think my colleagues were more confident in me than I was, but that gave me the support I needed to drop in.

After hiring the gear and getting our ski passes, it was time to take the lift to the top. It was only as we exited the lift that I realised that my first trial would be a red run. With all my gusto I took off only to fail miserably and lose a ski in front of everyone. I think I saw my colleagues think "Oh No! What have we done?".

Luckily with a little rest at the base of each hill, I started to get back into the swing of things and break no bones (only aching hip-flexors). After 2 hours of skiing, it was time for lunch and an extended time to try to take in the expansive view. Simply beautiful!

The journey, learnings and experiences are really things money can't buy, and although I will cherish the great memories, it's even greater to be back home! 

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