How To: Round a corner of a rectangle in Photoshop

As Photoshop CC was introduced in 2013, seasoned Photoshop users will know how to do this. So if you're looking for the latest web UX and design news, please read our other article here.

For those who would like to read the tutorial, please keep on reading below.

This tutorial will show you how to achieve this with both Photoshop CC.

Photoshop CC

  1. Create a new Photoshop file and create a rectangle and enter the radii. (Adobe finally made it a core feature!)
  2. If you need to adjust the border-radius you can do that now really easy.
    Just select the rectangle and go to the Properties (Window > Properties).
    Here you can adjust the border-radius of each side.


  • This only works with rectangles created in Photoshop CC. 
  • You can also use different radius sizes on each edge.

That's all folks - a piece of cake, don't you agree?

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