GatsbyConf 2022 - See you there!

Illustrated 2022 announcing the Gatsby Conference and start dates
  • Keynote: Websites Are Good Now. Chris Coyier, co-founder of CodePen will kick off GatsbyConf 2022 by taking you on a comprehensive review of your approach to building starting with browser level things as fundamental as layout, typography, and animation all the way to tooling level things like media handling, serverless concepts, and hosting. 
  • The Latest, Greatest, and Beyond. Dustin Schau, VP of Engineering at Gatsby will recap what’s new and improved in the past several months – v3 and v4 of Gatsby, along with dramatically reduced build times, new rendering modes like DSG and SSR, and a whole lot more.
  • Shipping Your Gatsby Site Faster With Incremental Architecture. Sam Bhagwat, Co-founder and CSO at Gatbsy will be sharing some of what the Gatsby team have learned from dozens of developers and team leads, including guides for what you should consider when choosing systems like headless CMS, commerce, and analytics, and building team workflows around them.
  • How to Avoid the Most Common Performance Pitfalls. Ward Peeters, Principal Engineer and Tech Lead at Gatsby will offer tips that can make your site fast just by shifting your approach and making a few minor changes.
  • Gatsby and Drupal at Scale: Higher Ed News Site. Mark Shropshire, Senior Director of Development at Mediacurrent shares their recent project experience on one of the world’s largest decoupled Gatsby/Drupal sites.
  • Gatsby Framework: Then, Now, and Coming Soon. Patrick Sullivan, Principal Product Manager at Gatsby will highlight some of the advances Gatsby made to the framework in 2021, and then showcase what’s new and what’s coming in 2022.
  • How We've Made Gatsby Build 10x Faster on Gatsby Cloud vs. Other Platforms. Kyle Mathews, Co-founder and CTO at Gatsby will present a technical deep dive on Gatsby's real-time streaming architecture that's at the heart of Gatsby Cloud's blazing-fast publish times. He'll also give a sneak peek to coming changes that'll make publishes even faster.
  • Improve Your Lighthouse Score with Partytown and Gatsby. Ersin Akinci, Developer Advocate at will show you how to use Partytown and Gatsby to achieve better Lighthouse scores without removing any of your site's JavaScript (JS)! You’ll learn how Gatsby users like Atoms have used Partytown to improve their time to interactive and Contentful paint metrics with minimal modification to their site. He will also show you how to integrate Partytown with your Gatsby site and additional tips and tricks for making your pages more responsive.

Don’t forget to check out the full schedule – and there’s still time, register today! We’ll see you there!

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