FrontTuesday Trivia: Part 1


Having developers that are based on 4 different continents and finding ways to connect all of them isn't always an easy task. That's why we have several meetings on a weekly and bi-weekly basis, where we discuss what everyone was working on in the previous week, what challenges they are facing and what new tech and non-tech related news they heard. Some of them are also topic-specific.

One of our meetings that happens every Tuesday afternoon, and is based on the topic of frontend technologies is FrontTuesday. Some of the recent topics that we discussed at FrontTuesday are the use of CSS-grid vs. flex, React vs Vue as well as various style guides and coding standards that we implemented and used in our most recent projects.

All these topics are very valid and interesting, but after my return from DrupalCon Nashville, I felt inspired to try something new within our team in Zurich. In Nashville I joined the "trivia night" and as usual, it was great to hang out with all the superstars of the Drupal community while learning and having fun at the same time. So I thought to myself that an Amazee Labs trivia night would be an excellent idea.

After presenting the idea to my colleagues at the latest FrontTuesday, we started with the first online Frontend Web Development quiz. The quiz we chose is one of the most popular ones found online, with just under 100,000 people who have already completed it. It consists of three different sections, the first one being about CSS, the second about HTML and the third about Javascript.

As much as I was excited about conducting the quiz, the thing that really struck me the most was the overall atmosphere while answering the questions. Everyone got involved in our discussions and gave their best to provide a thorough explanation of the solution, as most of the questions were quite challenging. In the CSS section, we got the chance to refresh our memories about selector scopes, pseudo elements, edge cases and best/worst practices. There were also some tricky questions regarding the browser's data fetching and rendering that gave us something to think about. In the HTML section, we discovered a few new tags that we never used or even heard of. Crazy, right?

Unfortunately, we ran out of time and had to stop at the end of the HTML section with a score of 26 correct answers out of a possible 33. Good job team!

All in all, I believe this was a big boost of motivation for all of us that participated and I am really looking forward to finishing the next sections of the quiz.

For the upcoming FrontTuesdays, we are now planning a proper "trivia night" where we’ll have different groups compete against each other. Hopefully, this will help set the tone and get everyone excited about all the other topics we can explore at Amazee Labs in the future.

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