A fresh disruptive encounter; when Web Monday met #StartupSpaceZH


We kicked off the night with Urs Bucher introducing the fancy new Web Monday logo along with the new layout of the site, check it out! He then brought on a word from our sponsor and host of the night Stefan Steiner of #StartupSpaceZH.

Stefan gave us a quick presentation of the 1,500m2 office space and what they’re doing to provide support for startups. The new space is just 9 minutes by train from Zürich HB in Schlieren, with a wonderful large rooftop terrace that’ll make for a great summer BBQ for your clients and employees.

The space is already filled up with 8 different startups cooking up the next big thing, however they have plans to expand to the floors below. Definitely a great environment to work in with their snazzy new modern redesign.

Then to kick-start our main talks of the night, Timo Hahn of Wydr strolled on stage to present the “tinder for art” application and why they do things differently from the mainstream. Wydr, bootstrapped and launched earlier this year, then became featured in TechCrunch back in July.

Timo shared with us his insights into building and growing the startup. From getting out of the building, spending a day in IKEA to analyse how people picked their posters to applying a lean canvas model to really understand the problem, key metrics, the various channels and cost structure.

Don’t do what the ‘experts’ tell you because everyone else does that. Change your ways and focus on different customers, explore the unexplored and build up your MVP. - Timo Hahn

If you’re interested in art, but don’t want to spend so much money on original artwork, give Wydr a try.

Next up on stage, Tobias Blum of Travel Gap presented his journey so far with their fresh startup which focuses on providing you with the best travel tips shared by your friends and family. Tobias along with Daniel Kunz, believe that life is best measured in moments that take your breath away. With their lean approach; they verified a market need, documented and built features for testing, aquired sign ups and analysed how their users reacted.

They learnt that users trust their friends’ tips more than anything you’ll find on TripAdvisor. Along with this information they built a way for travel bloggers to potentially monetize their experienced tips from exotic and exciting places from across the globe. So, if you’re wondering what to do on your next vacation, why not sign-up for their beta and find some great user curated tips that you can trust with Travel Gap.

Finally on stage, we had Niklaus Brühlmann of Knip share his experience in the hurdles of taking a startup international. Knip employs over 100 bright minds in 3 different offices to deal with over 50,000 insurance policies to simplify your insurance needs. Niklaus explained that before going international, make sure you fully understand your business model. Don’t get trapped in escalating commitment, and define a clear approach with achievable milestones. Check out why Knip is the leading digital broker.

Last but not least, participants were given a quick tour of the building before indulging into a wonderful apero provided by #StartupSpaceZH. Attendees stayed to network with their peers over a few bottles of wine and beer.

Join us for our next Web Monday which will take place on January 30th 2017 at Colab - Impact Hub Zurich - location and drinks will be sponsored by the groovy folks from Panter.