#FEC 2016 - front /> Conf 2016

More than 400 frontend professionals attended the sold-out FEC16 and listened to presentations about design and frontend. It took place at the Sihlpapierfabrik for the first time and it turned out to be the perfect venue for this great event.

We learned about ways to enhance images with pure CSS by using blend modes and filters, how to refactor CSS without losing our mind and even stepped into the dark corners of frontend, where dirty little tricks - you could also call it CSS-black-magic - make the impossible possible. 

From a deep dive into promises to ES2015 async / await over to UX strategy, design systems, personal skillsets - a lot of relevant and interesting topics were covered and left us inspired to try new things in our day-to-day work.

„The web should be a vibrant medium for creative expression”- This quote from the opening keynote turned out to be the main theme of the conference, as it expresses very well how we can use and shape the web in a more creative and meaningful way. FEC2017 has already been announced - we will be there and are already looking forward to it!

Photo credit goes to Florian Ziegler and Claudio Schwarz