Essence of a web week: issue 132

Essence of a web week: issue 132

Merry Christmas

10 advent calendars for web designers and devs
It’s still a few days to go until Christmas. Check out these digital advent calendars to ease the waiting.

PSFK Gift Guide
Same procedure as every year! You don’t know what to by your loved ones for Christmas? Here are some tips.

Don’t upload that selfie to Instagram-make a gift wrapping pattern out of it instead
Why don’t wrap your present in gift wrapping paper with a picture of you or your loved ones on it?


Pip lets you send preset messages with just a tap
This app makes messaging even easier. You can send messages and notifications with just a tap.


Gearing Up For The Future Of Connected Workout Clothes With Athos
Wearables are reaching the next level. These workout clothes improve your performance and prevent injuries.

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