Essence of a web week: issue 129

Essence of a web week: issue 129


Norway’s New Passport Design is a Thing of Beauty
This makes you wish you were Norwegian. A simple but beautiful redesign of Norway’s passport can make you jealous.

23 Gorgeous Photos You Won’t Believe Weren’t Photoshopped
We all know it and sometimes love it; Photoshop. Knowing what is possible with Photoshop it’s even more stunning to see what this Japanese artist did, without using Photoshop.

Instant sharing, old school style

The Prynt Case Turns Your Smartphone Into A Polaroid Camera
This phone case not only protects your phone but also functions as an instant photo printer.

Good Mood

Device Zaps Your Brain to Change Your Mood
There are days were nothing seems to work out the way you planned. But these stressful days might be over soon, since this new device can change your mood via Bluetooth.


Small Empires-the drinking game: can we code our way to better beer?
This start up offers all the benefits and efficiencies of having a big brewery to the individual beer brewer.