DrupalCon Europe 2020 – Here We Come!

This year's event is chockablock with great ways to expand your skills, network with the community and contribute your talents to making Drupal even better. Everyone is welcome and all experience levels are encouraged to contribute. 

Here’s what our developers are sharing this year. 

Tuesday, December 08

Check out Nick O'Sullivan’s talk Decoupled Translations with Drupal and learn how to utilise Drupal’s exceptional multilingual features to produce a fully localised Gatsby site — 13:30 to 13:50 CET

Wednesday, December 09

Join Dan Lemon for his panel discussion and workshop – Retrospective: How did the COVID-19 Crisis Affect Client Relationships and What Can We Take Out of It?. This interactive workshop facilitated by a team of agile coaches will use the retrospective format so we can share and learn from our experiences with the COVID-19 crisis. We will celebrate achievements and collect insights on what we can learn and improve for the future – 16:15 to 17:15 CET

Thursday, December 10

These days, more and more often digital web solutions face the challenge of becoming out of date and suffering technical debt that stymies innovation. Break the cycle and catch Philipp Melab in the panel discussion on Sustainable Practices for Building and Maintaining the Open Web — 09:15 to 09:55 CET

Learn how to take an already existing Drupal site and quickly add CypressIO and start writing end to end tests in Fran Garcia-Linares’ talk Add End to End Tests to Your Drupal Site in one hour with CypressIO — 10:35 to 10:55 CET

Then join Dan Lemon’s Building a Platform to Bring People Together to Celebrate Drupal for the story of how CelebrateDrupal.org came to be — 11:30 to 12:10 CET

Friday, December 11

Make sure to set aside some time and join us for Friday’s Contribution Day, an open-source get-together for focused collaborative work. Contributions range from organizing events and designing a user interface, to translating text and verifying bugs. There will be opportunities to help out all throughout the conference, but Friday is a dedicated contribution day. 

Don’t forget to check out the full schedule of 119 sessions, four in-depth interactive workshops, four keynotes, 42 BoFs, a myriad of contribution topics, fun social events and more.  

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