DrupalCon Day 2: 5 things worth mentioning

DrupalCon Day 2: 5 things worth mentioning

1) Johanna Bergmann and Megan Sanicki took the stage early this morning to discuss the importance of Drupal.org's Supporting Partner Program. With financial support from businesses worldwide, Drupal.org is able to employ a tech team, whose primary goal it is to continually improve the community's home on the web.

2) Lisa Welchman was Wednesday's keynote speaker. Her talk was about governing our community and how to strike a balance between too much control and not enough. She encouraged us to hold close our culture and our values as a community, but also warned us not to exclude outsiders, those that aren't hard-core tech.

3) Drupalcon Labs are new to the schedule this year, and very popular it seems. These two-hour, hands-on sessions have proven to be chock-full of relevant information. Today's lab Twig It — Ship It! demonstrated Twig as an effective and easier-to-understand alternative to Drupal's previous PHPTemplate theme engine.

4) Our very own Michael Schmid presented a Business Showcase today, where he explained our second-screen solution for The Voice of Switzerland. And be sure to check out his encore presentation tomorrow, where he will discuss the ins and outs of Translation Management

5) And finally, a few of us Amazee's joined the crowd at Vyšehrad Beer Garden to enjoy some cold drinks, brats, and beautiful views of Prague. 


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