Drupal Europe: Day Two Highlights

Tuesday, Day 2: Drupal Europe 2018.

From day one I was blown away by Darmstadt and seeing so many of the Drupal community all in one place. This is my first big Drupal event and I'm so glad to have this opportunity. 

One of the things I struggled with, was choosing which talks to attend. How do you know which one is most beneficial? I did my best to choose sessions I found interesting, and listening to Benjamin talking about Dynamic Virtual Reality apps with decoupled Drupal did not disappoint.


After the first session, we had a long lunch break and I can happily say that the food was amazing. We shared some Drupal stories over lunch and found that everybody has a different story. That's what makes the whole event and the Drupal community, so special.


After lunch, Tim and I attended Willy Wonka and The Secure Container Factor where Dave Hall gave us great tips on how to make our containers more secure and how to shorten our build steps. We also got to indulge in a small chocolate treat. We have recently started using Docker, so I felt attending this session would shed more light on it, especially when there's a lot of chocolate involved.


The next session, after lunch, was Fran and Stew's on choosing the right modules to install when building and maintaining Drupal websites. They gave a list of modules which were a must to install, as well as a detailed explanation of their benefits.

Handy modules when building and maintaining your site 

stew and fran DrupalEurope


Another session that happened around the same time was Basti's. He talked about the benefits of open sourcing code. He mentioned how last year they (amazee.io) open-sourced all the code that runs in their production environment for everyone to see and contribute, and how it made a huge difference for their team and managed to speed up development. His main point was to encourage people to start getting open to the idea of open sourcing their code.


The last session of the day was from Inky. She gave a very intimate talk on her journey to becoming the Head of Operations for the Amazee Labs Global Maintenance team. She talked about the good, the bad and the ugly and how all that made her the most suitable person for the job.

Inky at DrupalEurope

There were a lot of other happenings throughout the day, that I, unfortunately, didn't manage to attend. Next time I am going to get myself a Time Machine so I can be in two places at the same time and I don't have to miss out on anything. Until then, I'm grateful that each session is recorded. See you tomorrow, Drupal Europe!

Wednesday's Program: 

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