Drupal Europe: Day One Highlights

Monday, Day 1: Drupal Europe 2018.

Picturesque buildings from history surrounded me, as I looked out the window of our hotel room at Hessenpark Open Air Museum, just north of Frankfurt. The Global Maintenance team workshop weekend was about to draw to a close and a week of Drupal Europe was about to begin. This would be my first international Drupal event, ever!

DrupalEurope 2018

Our morning started with a delicious continental breakfast and strong coffee. The team went for a productive 'walk and talk', discussing ideas about our international and growing team, multiple projects, and how we will manage maintenance and new features.


From there, we all took off for Darmstadt, saying goodbye to Kathryn and Kristy (who were headed back to Austin, Texas) and Jason and Ltisch (heading to Zurich).

Walking into the enormous conference venue was a treat, seeing all the sponsors and companies putting up their stands and displays. I even got to see Dries walk by. I didn't think I'd be such a fanboy, but my smile was brimming. While Tuesday is the official starting day, there were several workshops already occurring when we arrived.

DrupalEurope 2018

We constructed our Amazee lounge and it almost became a team building exercise. We got to use the trusty tools we brought all the way from South Africa to open boxes but found that well, everything was included. Of course, reading the IKEA manual helps...

DrupalEurope 2018

After that, we got served a delicious lunch at the venue and then caught up with some work and conference preparations.

DrupalEurope 2018

The end result: The Amazee lounge couch.

We found our DJH Youth Hostel and got checked in, only to quickly go out again to share a Thai dinner which was very, very good.

As I complete this blog I am sitting next to Amazees from around the world: Mustapha (Tunisia), Michi (USA), and Basti (Switzerland). It's a great feeling when the team gets together from around the globe and I can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring. Check out some Amazee sessions and stop by our lounge to kick back and relax.

Tuesday's Program: 

Tuesday's Speakers:

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