Driesnote Recap

Driesnote Recap

Drupal 8 Update

The most recent release, 8.5.x, comes with new features to make content and media management easier, simplify site building, improve API-first capabilities and provide a stable upgrade path to Drupal 8. The upcoming releases showcase improvements in the out of the box experience, content layout, media library, better Drupal 7 migrations, automatic updates, JSON API and GraphQL, and much more.

Current adoption is good with 51% increase year-over-year of installed Drupal 8 sites and an 81% improvement year-over-year in the release of stable Drupal 8 modules. The project overall has gotten much better at release management and is turning out releases on time. These factors combine to achieve a healthy and active community which produces impressive digital experiences. 

Growing Adoption

After an extensive survey of over 150 individuals in different roles and skill levels all over the world, a list of improvements that are realistic and achievable within the next 12 months has been proposed. The vast majority of these improvements are designed to increase the ease of discovery and usage of Drupal by non-developers. All of the related issues and initiatives can be found with the “Simplify Drupal” tag.

technical evaluation processimprove content creatorimprove site builder donatesome of the things we need

Fostering Community

Dries highlighted how we’ve been able to grow and scale a large open source project to point of becoming a role model for other open source communities. One piece of the puzzle that seems to be missing though, is a written record of our communities values.

The big announcement here is the release of 1.0-alpha version of these values.

  1. Prioritize impact
  2. Strive for excellence
  3. Better together
  4. Treat others with dignity and respect
  5. Enjoy what you do.

A more extensive breakdown is available on Dries’ blog.

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