I attended the first workshop on Wednesday; it started with a surprise for the attendees – they had to / could pick new names for the duration of the lab; I chose unicorn, it just felt right today…..

The attendees split up into two groups, Lisa and Mayce moderated each group.

The topic of the lab/workshop was “Conference”, the attendees were asked to brainstorm for 5 minutes what they connect with this expression. After that, the two groups dived deeper into the topic and wrote down their previous experiences, good or bad, on Post-Its.

After every small exercise (5 minutes) the attendees presented to their group what their thoughts, positive and negative experiences at conferences are and why they thought they were relevant to the other members of their group.

Then the groups brainstormed what their idea of a perfect conference is and which activities and/or features would make an extraordinary conference.

Attendees of Amazee Labs HCD & User Experience gathering ideas #DiFe17

Both groups chose a speaker who presented their favorite idea how to make conferences better.

Group one suggested additional features for the event app, like elaborated ideas about setting up 1:1 meetings in the app.

Group two wanted to eliminate issues from keeping artifacts from a conference (aka how do you re-find presentations, slide decks or experiences in general). Their idea was to have an online feed while sessions are on to ask questions in real-time. In addition, they’d like to have “all documents” on a platform for later use.

Lisa and Mayce summed up the workshop with a bit of theory on HCD and Design Thinking.

The workshop was very lively, the participants engaged very well and seemed to enjoy it a lot.

Feel free to get in touch with me if this triggered your interest and you’d like us to run the workshop with you too.