Decoupled Days Recap: Amazees from around the World

Amazee Labs has specialized in innovative decoupled development for years, and we were excited to sponsor and speak at this annual event. Amazees travelled from all over the world to present, learn, share, and enjoy the chance to hang out face-to-face with coworkers we usually see only on computer screens. As a non-developer attendee, I was there to help man the booth, share what was happening on our blog and social media, and make sure our usually-distributed team got plenty of chances to enjoy the city and each other’s company. 

DD Team Working

After getting settled at our charming hotel in the middle of Manhattan, I met up with Amazees from all corners of the world for drinks at a rooftop bar with beautiful views of the city. I sat at a table with colleagues from Cape Town, Zürich, the UK, Taiwan, Spain, and even Upper Manhattan. We talked shop, of course, but also got to have some much needed social time. Amazee has such a rich distributed culture that I often forget I haven’t met certain team members in person until I’m surprised by how tall they are. On Zoom, I suppose, we’re all same height. 

DD Table

On the first day of the conference, we set up our table, featuring some cool swag including some custom headless horseman stickers we made specifically for the event. The Drupal community is unique in its tight-knit community and at every event, I’m struck by people’s passion and excitement to share their knowledge across companies and specialities. What a difference an open-source perspective makes. 

DD Jamie

DD Fran

DD Bryan

There were some great technical sessions over the course of the conference including Stew West’s Intro to GraphQL and Twig, Jamie Hollern’s presentation on Storybook and Drupal, Fran Garcia-Linares talking about GraphQL V4 and John Albin Wilkins presentation about Gatsby and GraphQL Schema Stitching.

From a business perspective, Pascal Kappeler and Stephanie Lüpold discussed an interesting case study and Bryan Greenburg talked about how to Decouple Your Team.

Michael Schmid shared two sessions from the perspective, one was a look at best practices from over three years of building and hosting decoupled sites, and one about caching decoupled websites to improve speed.  

DD Amazee Ladies

It was a lot to cover in a couple of days, but everyone at the conference seemed energetic and excited to be there. On breaks, we got coffee and found cute lunch places to meet up with people we knew, or people we’d just met. For me, the highlight of the week was our team dinner, where we sat down as a group to eat, drink, and laugh together as an Amazee family. 

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