Classic Driver

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Ladies and Gentlemen, it's our absolute pleasure to introduce Amazee Labs' latest release: Classic Driver.

Classic Driver is a leading international marketplace and magazine for vintage and performance cars and the associated lifestyle.
The market offers an extensive selection of cars, bikes, boats and other luxury items from sellers around the world, while the magazine attracts passionate readers from more than 220 countries with its editorial content. 
The owner of the platform mandated us to replace their legacy system with a state of the art device agnostic Drupal 7 solution.
To better target their classy audience, we created a suave look and feel which is consistent on every view port. Beneath this cool and collected appearance the technical aspects of this Drupal site certainly are able to match the sophisticated nature of the front-end.
Since, without a doubt, it is the most complex site we ever built, it would be impossible to highlight only one feature as a standout element. So here is an overview of the scope of this solution:
Payment system
The monetization system is built on Drupal Commerce and handles user role based service levels and feature packages. Further it is enabled to control recurring credit card payments, which together with all the other payments integrate into the Abacus suite, which handles the company's financial accounting.
Responsive design
Since the requests on mobile devices have risen substantially, responsive design was a requirement which was added during the development process. Built on the Omega theme this website is ready for every kind of view port and is ready to look gorgeous on retina screens.
Facetted Search
With a base of 12,600 active and public listings, the Apache Solr based facetted search offers the best way of cutting through to the listing that are relevant to you.
In the years of its existence, the old site accumulated a vast collection content. For the new site over 80,000 listings and 12,000 articles were identified, mapped to the new structure and finally imported. 
Performance & Caching
In order to provide a fantastic user experience the site is equipped with a highly developed caching system that consists of several layers of caching technologies. This reduces the load on the servers and enhance the sites performance - making a visit on Classic Driver a pleasurable one.
Now, start your engines and head over!