The Business Value of Gatsby

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Use all your content. Yes, all of it. 


Gatsby can seamlessly integrate with any number of CMS or SaaS services to populate a beautiful React template — pulling your data from any source, you can think of into a superbly-designed application with seamless experience design. Because of this flexibility, you’re not constrained by any CMS and don’t have to overhaul your entire workflow or backend to improve your end-user experience.

Not only can you use any existing CMS systems such as Drupal, Contentful, and WordPress, Gatsby can also pull data from almost anything: APIs, Databases, YAML, CSV, or JSON files — even markdowns from your documentation. Here’s a simple example: you can combine a web store that features all your products, pull in your descriptions and photos from one source, and then have the inventory live update from a live spreadsheet. Mixing static and dynamic content is one of the things that makes Gatsby sites so fast. 


Lightning-fast load times.


With no need for server-side rendering, Gatsby sites are fast. All static data is pulled within milliseconds — the web application knows what might need to be updated (such as those inventory numbers) and fetches only what’s needed. So not only is your content better organized, your users can get to it quickly. Eliminating barriers in site performance means more conversions. A study by Akami showed just how important speed is: a 100-millisecond delay can hurt conversion rates by up to 7%. 

Updating a static site means running a build process, either once (if nothing changes) or continuously when there are updates within the CMS. Your site can update strategically whenever it’s needed or at regular intervals. With a custom Gatsby solution, your site is smart - it knows what to load immediately and what to refresh to get the latest information. This means you get the advantages of a static site with the flexibility of a frontend that can show updated information as often as needed. Faster load times not only increase user engagement, but they also improve search traffic. Gatsby sites include built-in mobile performance optimization to make sure your site shines on any device. 

With Gatsby’s use of asset optimization, smart image loading, code splitting, and pre-rendering you can empower your users,  increase conversions, and reimagine your design and user experience without starting from scratch. 

To see an example of how we’ve used Gatsby, check out our BlueValue Case Study — we were able to incorporate new design requirements, implement a search function and improve navigation, and pull extensive amounts of data into a beautiful user experience that reinforces their important messaging on conservation through Ecosystem Services. 

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