Business as (almost) usual

Business as (almost) usual

For companies and individuals who might be new to working as a fully distributed team, we have some resources that might be helpful. We’ve published blogs on how to maintain a strong culture online and the qualities of our employees that keep our culture alive across time zones and through hard times. 

We’ve also been reading articles that include tips for working from home with kids and how to exercise safely while working from home. We also know that managing stress and anxiety is crucial and we, like so many groups and companies, have been encouraging our team to hang out, watch movies, have virtual happy hours and game nights, and share the ups and downs of isolation in a dedicated Slack channel. 

And also – we’re working. We’re making sure our clients’ websites are maintained and updated, we’re preparing for Drupal 9, conducting workshops on how best to start new initiatives, and hosting webinars to help the community learn and grow. While it can feel strange to focus on work when so many things about the future are unknown, there’s a peace and community in keeping things flowing and practising your skills. 

If you need advice or community, if you have a project you need to move forward and want to find the right agency, if you have an idea of how we can help communities and companies who are in need, if you’re looking for remote work, or if want to get in touch just to talk – we’re here. And we’ll continue to be here. Stay safe, stay connected, and be well.


Let us know how we can help you.