Blog Highlights 2020 – A Year in Review

Amazee Labs Blog Highlights 2020 - A year in review

Our Services and Solutions

Finding the right digital agency involves weighing a ton of factors. How do they work? What’s their company culture? What are the costs? To make that easier, in this blog we outlined some key points to consider when choosing an agency for any project. 

Good UX design has balanced layouts, solid functionality and a consistent user journey. But it's real focus goes beyond the UI. Great UX design lies in creating solutions that are optimised for the user and ultimately provide business value for your organisation. Catch the fundamentals of how UX and business value go hand in hand. 

The potential that a fully implemented accessible website offers, has rarely been utilised to its greatest potential. In this article, we showcase examples of how accessibility can affect your project and benefit your business.

Decoupled Drupal future proofs your website, streamlines development, and saves time on costly maintenance for upgrade work down the line. Check out this two-parter to see how going decoupled can benefit you and your long-term strategy.    

With regards to web maintenance, the goal is to get more out of what you already have. The sooner you try to adopt the maintenance mindset, the sooner you'll really know how much more you can get out of what you have already built. In this article, we help you get into the maintenance mindset. 

Web Maintenance is a mindset, not a milestone.

Learn how Amazee Labs thinks about maintenance, how we approach automating the parts of the process that are repetitive like detection and resolution, and how Lagoon Insights and the Amazee Labs Maintenance Tooling work together in our services.

Our Open Source Tech Stack

We’ve been contributing to Drupal since the very early days and in our Drupal 9 blog, we outlined the differences between the last migration and the shift to Drupal 9 and why there’s never been a better time to migrate.

Night sky with silhouette of a male figure looking up at the Drupal logo

Building on our web development expertise in Drupal and React, and the GraphQL module that brings them together, we’re excited to be using Gatsby. Take a look at the business value of Gatsby and what it can do for you.

Open source is in our DNA and here are some compelling reasons why enterprises are putting their trust in our Open Source Tech Stack over Adobe Experience Manager.

Events and Webinars

At Amazee Labs, we’re passionate about continual learning and sharing with the community. This year, we hosted many great webinars and attended just as many excellent events, but these stuck out as some of our favourites and most informative.  

Team Culture

And finally, all of this was made possible by our amazing team! We are incredibly proud of our culture. 

Our CEO, Stephanie Lüpold, shares her experience and strategies for successful team management across time zones, cultural backgrounds, and virtual tools.

Amazee Labs members collaborating and working together

Our developers, Eli Stone and Rodrigo Aguilera share what it was like going through our onboarding process in a fully remote manner - what they were expecting, and what they discovered.

Our company culture revolves around flexibility and transparency. Our shared values and passions create a bond that truly feels like a global family. Learn more in this video!  

This is just a taste of our great content - if you want to see more of our other blogs, be sure to check out our Journal page. 

And if you’ve got a specific question or unique problem in mind, we’re always happy to help. Start a conversation with one of our experts today!


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