Announcing Amazee DrupalCon Nashville Sessions


Pull vs Push - using GraphQL in Twig

The current theme system is complex and very hard to use. Drupal defines data structures that provide a “standard” rendered output as variables in the Twig templates. However, they are populated during processing or preprocessing and altered in modules or themes, which makes it very hard to reason with the data flow. Instead of PUSHing the data from Drupal itself, we can turn this around and simply PULL the required data from within Twig templates using GraphQL queries. Read more.

Introduction to React Design Patterns

This session will explore the gift and the curse of the famously un-opinionated ReactJS, and answer some of the most pressing questions not covered by the documentation as well as demonstrate how design patterns can be used to abstract away our business logic. Read more.

Creating a PM Career Path Within the Drupal Community

The Project Manager role in the digital space is still in its infancy. Because of that, we work hard each day to define and implement best practices at each level. Once we feel we have mastered our role, there isn’t a clear path of where to go next. What does that next opportunity look like and how do we find it? Now add to that the uniqueness of working within an open source community like Drupal. Read more.

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